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  • A new kind of account for people doing business across borders. You get your own real-life bank details for the UK, Eurozone and US, and there's no set-up or monthly fee.
  • Upload money for future transfers

  • Store money in 28 currencies and switch between them instantly. Your future transfers will be even quicker & easier - you just pay from your Borderless account.
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Sending money abroad is deceptively expensive, thanks to the hidden charges we’ve all been forced to pay. The banks claim “free money transfers”, “0% commission.” Sounds like money’s already flowing freely, but far from it. It’s pure propaganda.

TransferWise removes all the wrongness, letting people send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost. Using only real exchange rates and tiny not-hidden-fees. Headaches averted, and a revolution sparked.

Let's do business with the real exchange rate.

We've built multiple ways for your business to avoid getting overcharged by your bank.

Check them out below.

VIABUY Gold or Black MasterCard

NO CREDIT CHECK! Wether you choose the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard in gold or black design - with a real high embossed Mastercard card you are always welcome.


N26 bank account and Mastercard

It’s a bank account for your phone. Get an IBAN and do everything you can do with a traditional bank, except easier, and from anywhere.